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A couple of weeks ago, my sister’s fiancé sent me a text asking me if I want to meet Richard Petty. My heart started pounding with excitement when I read that message. My sister’s fiancé gave me the details about where Richard Petty was going to be at and I could not wait for the day that I would be standing beside a NASCAR legend. On July 17, Richard Petty came to the Rite Aid corporate office to support their annual carnival for the kid’s event to raise money for the children’s miracle Network and Hershey Childrens hospital. In the early morning of July 17, my mom and I got cleaned up, and then we drove to the event. As we were getting close to the event were Richard petty was at, I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Richard is an …show more content…

We saw my sister’s fiancé when we walked into the parking lot. There was a car wash at the event to raise money for the Children’s miracle Network and Hershey Children’s hospital. My mom and I looked over towards the employee car wash and we saw Richard Petty helping the workers wash the cars. I could not believe I was standing only a couple feet away from him. A couple of minutes later, I saw Richard walk in the area where there was food. I think he went to talk to people or get something to eat. My mom and I walked around the parking lot about twice checking out the games and different tables they had set up. A little while later, we saw Richard Petty walking closer to us again. I saw him chatting with employees at the event. It looked like he really enjoyed talking to everyone. I love how he was smiling, it looked like he was having fun, and he was really interacting with people. The Harrisburg, Pa area local news was at the event, so Richard Petty did some interviews with the media. I got a couple of photos of him talking to the media. It was incredible watching him talk to the media, taking pictures of him, and seeing the media surround him as he was smiling and talking about the incredible event, he was at helping raise money for Children’s miracle network. My mom and I noticed there were a couple of people lining up at the table where Richard Petty was going to be signing autographs. Mom and I quickly got in the line, and then we noticed people were starting to line up behind us. Shortly after that, Richard Petty was walking towards the line. The people in front of mom and I started laughing and said, “He is standing in the line!” I looked behind us and there was Richard Petty standing at the end of the line, grinning with his hands folded in front of him, waiting for people to notice he was standing In the back of the line. After people noticed

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