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The father of Keith Urban was placed on hospice earlier this week. The country music singer is beside himself with the news because his father, Robert Urban has been such an important part of life. Keith Urban announced the news while at his exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. According to a report from US Weekly, Keith Urban 's father was placed on hospice just days before the exhibit opened. It was both a happy and sad occasion for the country artist. There are often highs and lows in the career of an artist and Keith Urban is no different. He is experiencing one of the biggest moments in his life with his exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame while facing the impending reality that his father is going to pass away soon. Keith Urban has said that his father may only have a few weeks left to live. That is incredibly sad news, especially with the holidays approaching quickly. Keith Urban will likely take …show more content…

Keith Urban losing his father is definitely one of those times where friends will be waiting in the wings to lend love and support. There has been no definitive information about what the condition of Robert Urban is in at this time, but likely it isn 't good. With the announcement of the news, fans have been reaching out to Keith Urban across social media and offering words of support. Many believe that sending well wishes or encouragement to a star is not worth the effort, but many on the receiving end appreciated it more than they let on. Robert Urban can be credited with giving Keith Urban his love for country music. According to People, Keith Urban 's father influenced him heavily during his career. This was a move they both wanted for Keith Urban, and he followed through with his dreams. Having the exhibit open and having to deal with his father being placed on hospice has made this week one of the more grueling ones. And the next several days likely won 't be any better for Keith

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