Growing Up In Jail

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I got caught one day on the side of the curb. Then, I got here in jail. It 's hard to say it, but I 'll try to explain it to you so you don 't ask me 1000 questions. I haven 't seen my old friend in over twenty years and I told him to meet me right here. I was smoking a cigar on the curb. I was just minding my business when a cop started asking me random questions. I started to wonder why he was asking me all these questions. They were so random. I wanted to ask him why he was asking me these questions, but I didn 't want to be mean. I was waiting for my friend. I haven 't seen him in over twenty years. We made a promise to meet each other here in twenty years. I was just hoping he would show up so we could see each other. We were best friends back in the day. …show more content…

Then, I suddenly realized that the cop was jimmy. He had to have someone else arrest him because jimmy couldn 't do it. I understand why he didn 't arrest him because they were best friends and liked each other. I had to spend a little while in jail. In conclusion, Me and my friend Jimmy are still friend and we will meet, when I get out of jail so we can hang out sometime. I think it is cool how jimmy couldn 't arrest me. He had to have his partner do it for him. It would be hard to arrest one of your best friends, even though you haven 't seen him in over

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