Problems In The Criminal Justice System

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Problems in our justice system Although many believe that all criminals belong in jail there are a number of kids that are tried as a adult. Basically they get sent sent to a jail with adults. Research shows that children that are incarracted develop mental illness and suicidal thoughts. Children aren't the only ones who have this issue, adults have it also. The justice system has completely failed us. Many young men and women are incarcerated for years or their whole life for the wrong reasons. Some kids are charged as adult for a crime they commited which means they murdered someone or worse. Study found that some 10,000 children are housed in adult jails and they’re five times more likely to be sexually assaulted in adult prisons than…show more content…
Study shows that fingerprint evidence is foolproof, Identifying prints that are taken by police using fingerprinting equipment and proper technique may be a relatively simple process, but latent prints left in the field are often smudged and incomplete, and the identification process becomes more art than science. When tested by rigorous scientific methods, fingerprint examiners turn out to have a significant error rate, According to (Eugene,Volokh) (12 reasons to worry about our criminal justice system from a prominent conservative federal judge). Fingerprints aren't the only issue you should be worried about,With the exception of DNA evidence (which has its own issues), what goes for fingerprints goes double and triple for other types of forensic evidence: “Spectrographic voice identification error rates are as high as 63%, depending on the type of voice sample tested. Handwriting error rates average around 40% and sometimes approach 100%. False-positive error rates for bite marks run as high as 64%. Those for microscopic hair comparisons are about 12% (using results of mitochondrial DNA testing as the criterion)”, According to (Eugene,Volokh). This problem probably can be solved by using or creating a different kind of technology that will fix all the errors. Because many cases are dropped because of this issue (Eugene,Volokh). In conclusion, The world should do a better job or come up with a better plan when dealing with the justice system. Because we lost so much because of these problems in the justice system or everyone can come together to find a solution and fix all the issues that is going on
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