Tension In Psychology

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Since Psychology was the last class of the day Jimin and I decided on leaving campus together to start on the project. We walked out of the building and straight to the parking lot, which felt as if it was miles away. The walk was silent with the occasional small talk that had no value in its meaning. When we finally approached a black jeep wrangler, with tinted windows and large tires, He took out his keys and opened the door for me. Slightly confused by his gesture I planted my body on the passenger seat just thinking how odd the entire situation was, (me getting into the car with my ex not knowing the true intentions of the whole ordeal). Whether it was the project or the tension that seemed to follow us from the classroom, I could tell …show more content…

It was quite and isolated with the house spread far apart from each other, which was perfect for people looking for a place to have parties without the police shutting it down. As he parked his car on the driveway, Jimin looked towards his house as he broke the silence by stating that we arrived. Before he was able to get out of his car I grabbed his had hand quickly, not sure of what came over me while words started to flow out without out a second thought. “Jimin, are we really going to do the project? I mean I don’t want to jump to conclusion and say ‘Hey you brought me here to …show more content…

Jimin’s lips electrified every spot they kissed leaving my breathless and panting for more. For a few minutes we lost grasp of reality, full consumed by each other’s touch, completely forgetting where we were. Until suddenly a loud thud was heard on the driver side. Both Jimin and I were complete startled by the noise that shook the jeep which caused us to sink back to reality. Standing outside of the truck was a man who looked to be in his early twenties with dark hair and mysterious eyes but an aura that seemed bright and inviting. “Yah! Jimin I’m going to be out for a couple hours and the others aren’t coming back for a while, text me if you need anything.” Before responding to his friend Jimin gave me a peck on my cheek and told me to hold on for a few seconds. I couldn’t help it but my cheeks turned into a chrisom red once I full saw whom the boy was when Jimin rolled down his window. He was incredibly handsome and noble, almost divine in a way. Was it love at first sight? No I don’t believe in such mythical concepts, especially if they involve love. Jimin was frustrated and it was evident when he spat “Hoseok! Is that it?” His friend seemed offended by Jimin’s tone but brushed it off because he knew he interrupted something. Jimin’s friend gave an apologetic smile towards me and I couldn’t help but to feel my ears burn like a furnace. The atmosphere wasn’t tense, but a

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