Paige Marquis: A Short Story

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Hi, I am Paige Marquis and this is my story from beginning to end. It all began in a hospital named Baton Rouge General on Bluebonnet in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana when a woman named Jennifer Welch gave birth to the most beautifulest angel in the world (aka me). As I was growing up I lived all over Louisiana, my birthplace. I switched from living with my mom, to my dad, to with my grandma and other family that was living with her, and then to my grandpa, with all of that moving around practically every year that also meant a new schools every year. I was moving around so much, I practically shut myself off and stopped trying to make new friends.
Eventually my dad got married to a woman named Melissa, and she had a son. It was just me, …show more content…

Our mom came and got her, and took her back to Louisiana with her. I stayed and on the last day one of my dad’s best friends Mike (Big Bird) came and took me all the way to Alton, Illinois. It was so boring, and it took a long time. We only stopped for some food, gas, and of course bathroom breaks. On the way he got a flat tire, so we had to stop at one of those Walmarts that had the mechanics part attached to it. The guy wasn’t going to do it until Mike explained to him that I’m not his kid, and Mike also traded his golf set for this guy to fix his tire. Eventually, we were back on the road headed to my very missed …show more content…

Even though we didn’t have a lot of time that night we all played Just Dance, I was neglectant at first. I eventually gave in, I’ll admit it was fun. When it was time to go to bed there was a little dilemma. Since it was just Tabatha and her 2 kids they lived in an apartment, with 2 bedrooms. Her kids shared a room, and they had a bunk bed , so that’s pretty much how the problem started. Neither I or my sister wanted to be on the mattress that was on the floor, but 3 people can’t sleep up on the top bunk. Eventually, we got the problem

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