Andrew Brawley: A Short Story

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Hi, I’m Ben Fischer, but everyone that I know knew me as Andrew Brawley…or Drew. I’m not your typical teenage boy who went to school and had a lot of friends. That’s not me. You see, I was supposed to die that night instead of my parents and my sister, Cady. But I survived instead. So now I live in a hospital. I don’t know where this hospital actually is since I haven’t left the hospital in many, many years. I work in the cafeteria with my friend Arnold, he gave me this job and pays me under the counter since I legally can’t work there. A few days ago I was just wondering around the hospital without being seen and I hear a loud commotion and I see a guy who was on fire and was rolled into the CPR. He looked my age, seventeen. And his hair, which would be the color of autumn leaves, was burned. His voice was a chain from screaming too long. It grates as agony drags it out of his throat. His skin on his legs and part of his chest is charred black. The nurses, my friends: Steven, Jo, and Emma are planning what to do with this poor boy. It was bad, it was very …show more content…

We’ll sneak them away from Peds (with their permission) and let them have a romantic date. It worked out so well! They started to date but….Lexi died a few days afterwards. She wasn’t supposed to die, Trevor was. And now he’s gone. And Rusty is mad at me because I was supposed to have me and him escape but I didn’t come in time. Everything was falling apart! I wanted to die. I missed Rusty so much, it hurt to think about him, he hated me…so much! I had to see him one last time…he told me that it was me the world would be better off without. That was the end of it…I ran out of the room and to the top of the hospital. Father Mike was there. He wanted to know what I was doing. I was supposed to die in that crash…not my parents. He said that me doing this won’t solve anything. It’s my turn to drive…and I jumped…hoping to

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