Vet Ranch Research Paper

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In the U.S, an animal is abused every ten seconds, and we are the only people who can make a change. We will never be able to stop animal abuse, but the least we can do is help the animals who have been abused. Vet Ranch is a non-profit organization that does just that. They take abused animals out of kill shelters sometimes even hours before being euthanized and nurses them to full health. Vet Ranch works on donations from the public only, and without donations would not be able to function. Also unlike other non-profit organizations who people donate to, Vet Ranch shows the donors exactly what their money has gone to by posting videos on their very popular YouTube channel for everyone to see. Their organization has gotten national attention, …show more content…

The answer to that is that like I said before, Vet Ranch has a very popular YouTube channel that shows where your donation dollars have gone to so there is no question about the authenticity of their organization. Another question people may ask is, “ Why should I give money to this organization rather than any other non-profit organization”? The answer is that first of all it is your choice of who you donate to. Vet Ranch, though is a tiny organization in a huge state that covers a lot of ground between other non-kill shelters. So it is hard for them to save some animals because treatment is not cheap and they have an overabundance of animals that they want to save but sometimes cannot. With more donation dollars, more and more animals will be able to be saved. Also, you may ask, “ There are a lot of other organizations that post videos about saving animals. What makes Vet Ranch different”? The difference is that some organizations that have T.V shows receive donations and the funds that they make from the show whereas Vet Ranch only gets money from donations, and without the donations would not be able to run at all. Also, Vet Ranch is a smaller organization and does not have enough funds to buy commercials or any other advertisements` besides

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