Argument Essay: Animal Experimentation

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Animal testing is also known as animal experimentation and is a problem that is growing worse each day. It is also a problem that many people know about but choose to ignore. Well ignoring these poor animals isn’t going to help them.

Every year, worldwide, it is estimated that over ten million vertebrate animals from zebra fish to non-human primates are used for animal testing.

In the US in 2014, 834,453 vertebrates were used in research. However, animals such as mice, rats, birds, frog, invertebrates and other animals that are still reliant on their mothers are not included in this figure.

This seems a little corrupt doesn’t it? They show us a number most probably can’t even say because it’s so big and yet they still torture …show more content…

Why do they do this? In a desperate attempt to find out the toxicity levels of chemicals that are used in makeup, cosmetics, cleaning products, drugs and even different food.

These animals are exposed to chemicals that may cause painful eye and skin irritation, creating abnormalities, cancer and death.

Animal testing for cosmetics has been banned throughout 28 countries, however cosmetic animal testing still remains legal in most countries. Many countries are not specifically required to do such animal testing, but as it is not prohibited yet, it still continues to take place at the discretion of cosmetic companies.

Big supporters of animal testing such as the British Royal Society, argue that almost every medical accomplished in the 20th century has relied on the use of animals in some way.

The institute for Laboratory Animal Research of the U.S National Academy of science have argued that this level animal research cannot be replaced by anything. Even sophisticated computer models aren’t specific

enough to work because they can’t deal with the extremely complex interactions between molecules, cells, tissue, organs, organisms, and the

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