How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Millions of animals are abused and left to die a long exhausting death each year. Many people don’t know that the cosmetic products they own are tested to see if the products are safe for humans. In the process of the testing animals are tested using harmful chemicals that often burn the animal’s skins and the ruthless workers leaving them to die a long painful death. Animal testing is inhumane and should be banned. Animal testing kills and tortures millions of animals each year. One of the most ruthless and lethal test is the toxicity test. Many different cosmetic companies use toxicity test on animals to see what kind of reactions are caused by the chemicals in their products. According to the document “Easy on the Eyes” mascara testing involves applying products to animal’s eyes to determine toxicity. The toxicity test is very inhumane and usually leads to blindness and death. Another horrible test related to the toxicity test is the so-called draize test. According to the article “tests outlawed” draize tests are a series of notorious procedures that involve applying cosmetics ingredients to the skin of live laboratory animals. Chemicals are …show more content…

Usually all or most of them are inhume and harmful to animals. Mainly the only use of bigger animals such as monkeys is so they don’t die as quick as the smaller, weaker animals such as mice. According to the article “adverse reactions to cosmetics and methods of testing” there are 8 major types of tests. All 8 of these tests have been legalized and the FDA does not care for the suffering that these animals go through each and every day and looks the other way. Many countries are considering on the banning of this horrific animal testing, such as Norway, Israel, and India. Many people believe that animal testing is ok, because they are trying to find a cure for cancer. Or other harmful medicines towards

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