Animal Testing Is Inhumane Essay

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Animal testing is an ethical issue that many agree and multiple disagree with. Is animal testing a humane way to conduct medical research? This is a question that I often ponder on. However, I do believe that animal testing is an inhumane way to conduct medical research. I will be defending the claim that not only is animal testing unethical, but it is unreliable. Also, there are many different resources available now, that animal testing should be prohibited. As far as animal testing for cosmetics, its absurd. Many will be able to defend the claim that animal testing is useful for medical development, but cosmetics are not needed for the health of humans. If one is worried about a certain chemical, and how it reacts on one’s skin, maybe the …show more content…

Animal testing is a procedure that is performed on living animals for research. The purpose of this research is to is to look at the different diseases and try to find different drugs/medicine that will work to cure/treat a disease. Instead of having, consenting humans agree to help find a treatment, they will use animals. With the animals they will test things that will benefit human health. Typical species that are selected are reptiles, rodents (mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits,) and other animals—fish, cats, dogs, mini-pigs, monkeys, chimpanzees, etc. (About Animal Testing) All of which, last I checked, could not consent to be a “guinea pig” to science. An animal feels pain and stress like a human. Furthermore, animals are like children in the ways that they think. They don’t understand what is happening, why they are kept in captivity, and why they are feeling pain. Would it be morally right, to take a child, hold he/she in captivity, and force them to take different drugs that can potentially harm them to try to find a cure? Animals are living creatures, like humans, they are not test subjects. Many of the animals that are in laboratories are lacking their basic needs. They are confined to a cage, where they will live out their life (even when sick and dying,) and are socially isolated. Like humans, animals are social creatures

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