Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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More than 115 million animals are used in laboratory experiments worldwide each year. (Humane Society International) Consequently 100 million of those animals die as a result of animal testing each year. Generally speaking, when you buy a new household or cosmetic item, you probably don’t think about what went into producing it. As long as it’s safe for you and it works well, does it matter? Next time you go to the drug store, you might want to consider how the products you are buying were tested. Why should we keep using this method of testing when we could find a new and better way? Animal testing should not be legal because it is not the most accurate, the safest, or even most humane way to test new products. Animals aren’t 100% matches with humans. Some of the products that have been tested on animals and pass can actually harm humans. In the 1950’s there was a sleeping pill that when given to pregnant women caused 10,000 babies to be born with birth defects. These pills were tested on animals before they were released. It did not cause any defects in the animals unless the medicine was given in extremely large quantities. It was released to the public anyways. Another case is with a drug called Vioxx. During animal testing, Vioxx showed that it had a beneficial effect on the test …show more content…

For instance, there are many cases where the animals suffer for long periods of time and eventually die. There was a case where scientists cut open kittens skulls and stick electrodes in their brain, spines, and rib cages. They claimed that they were trying to understand the human body more, but they put the kittens through cruel procedures and they eventually died. There was another case where rabbits were starved for 30 hours and kept in cages then injected with drugs. There are so many more cases like this. Animal testing should be illegal. It is cruel and inhumane to test products on living things that do not have a

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