Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Have you ever wondered why your beauty products never burned your face? If you have it’s, because they’ve been tested on animals before they were shipped out. Animals should be used for scientific research, because there’s no harm done to humans, they can get cured themselves, and cancer survival rates increase.
In addition there is no harm caused to humans. For example, “Animal testing allows you to develop more full knowledge of the benefits and risks of a product.” ( This means before you buy the product you know how that product can be helpful to you and if it may mess something up.
Also, the animals can get cured in the process of testing. The webpage sites, “Animal testing allows for cures and treatments to be developed for animals themselves.” ( Which may mean that while the scientist are testing a product on animals, the animals might get cured through the process of testing.
To wrap this all up, cancer survival rates increase since animal testing began. This website shows, “Cancer survival rates continued to rise after testing on animals began.” ( Which means that after animal testing began cancer survival rates went up in humans, because they were able to find cures when they …show more content…

There should be no harm caused to humans, because they are able to have a say in what they want and we don’t know what they would be thinking or trying to get out to us. While the animals get cured themselves isn’t that good? I mean they are getting healed of their hurt or problems. As the cancer survival rates people get a second chance at living and they have hope. This is important, because we are making sure us humans have no bad reactions or nothing happens to us while using an everyday

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