Why Animal Testing Should Not Be Used Today

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Millions of animals are tortured and killed every year by laboratories testing various products on them. All types of testing is done on all types of animals. Anything from drug testing and cosmetic testing to organ donations. Most of the world's population does not agree with animal testing. Also only about 8% of the experiments show positive results. Although not all animal testing is harmful, it should still not be used because the animals live in terrible conditions, some die from use of the testing products, and the results of the tests are not always accurate. People are constantly being left in the dark about animal testing and the traumatizing living conditions of animals. The cruel individuals that conduct these experiments think they can hide from people too. "Edward Taub was charged with more than a dozen animal cruelty offenses, and was also charged for an especially notorious photo of a monkey in a harness with all four limbs restrained..." (ProCon). This is a perfect example of the kind of people performing animal testing. The inhumane events these animals go through is tragic. They are completely closed off from the world. Animals are used and disposed of like trash. This just one of the many reasons why animals should not be used for testing. Another reason animals should not be used for testing is …show more content…

The majority of people do not know the truth behind animal testing. The animals living conditions do not have regulations, so they are treated cruelly. Also the tests conducted on them are extremely unnecessary. Millions of animals are killed for experiments that are driven by idiotic curiosity. Also the results of these tests are close to and even sometimes have a zero success rate. There is no point in doing an experiment over and over if the results are zero every time. There are many other humane ways of testing, besides on animals. Millions of animals should not have to die for these unneeded

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