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Although the idea of testing with animals may sound horrible, animal testing is extremely necessary to keep developing new medicines, and treatments. The benefits of animal testing outweigh the cons of hurting animals for our own wellbeing. These benefits include, many long found treatments and cures that has helped many people throughout the years. Animal testing is also the only way that scientists can properly test on. And lastly, whether many people believe it or not it also benefits animals as well. Subsequently, according to Ian Murnaghan some pros to animal testing is that “It helps researches to find drugs and treatments to improve health and medicine” (Para. 1, key point 1) Today’s treatments would have never been in existence if…show more content…
The closest body structure we have to the human body is an animal, so it is logical to keep testing on animals, considering the fact that scientists have been doing so for years. If animal testing was to be banned then all scientists can really use is human cells, but over the years it hasn’t been proven to help find cures as much as animals already do. Human cells can be useful but don’t allow scientists to get a test on the central nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system, those being the humans most important parts of the body, where in animals they can. In fact, there are a variety of animals that are considered to be like humans. Such as, elephants, chimps, monkeys, dolphins and even octopuses. The closest thing that scientists have to a circulatory system are animals, unless humans are willing to sacrifice their life for a simple scientific cause. Another way to test on besides animal testing is through computer models but according to the California Biomedical Research Association “Computer models can only be reliable if accurate information gleaned from animal research is used to build the models in the first place”. In other words they still need to test on animals (not much, but very little) to create the model they need to test on. Furthermore, the California Biomedical Research Association also stated that “Even the most powerful,…show more content…
In this circumstance many animal lovers are always worried about animals that are being killed due to animal testing. Yes, there are other alternatives such as using a human’s cell, computer models, etc. instead of killing animals. Also, animal testing is not always reliable and can’t predict how a human will react once being used on. But animal testing helps out everyone, whether people like it or not. Without animal testing people wouldn’t be surviving out in the streets for too long with so many diseases around the corner. Scientists need to test on something and animals are the key to everyone’s
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