Persuasive Essay On Animal Rights

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Rights are against the use of force and they are our primary if not only our means of survival. There is only one fundamental right: To live successfully, a man has to make his own choices as well as animals too (Roleff,2014,p.33). There is a huge difference between giving animals their rights which is less than human beings and not to give them rights at all. Nowadays animals are presented in many places of entertainment such as zoos and cruces as well as aquariums where the audients pay a lot of cash to watch fun and exciting things going on, it sure makes us happy but what about the animals are they happy too? Are places of entertainment appropriate for wild animals to live in it normally? let`s find out. Some people believe that animal …show more content…

Peta have a logo which is (Giving a strong voice to those which can’t speak for themselves. They are the ones that created the all the ethical rules in which it favors animals even sometimes over human beings which is a bit over the counter. Animals shouldn`t be tortured or abused and everyone agrees on that. Crimes have many ways and one of them is to neglect animal necessities providing, shelter from bad weather, food, water. For example Peta in New York has set of rules. Regular persons can be considered criminals and pay penalty that transports without providing much comfort to the animal. Peta also forbids overworking an animal in other words to make them exhausted for no reason (senstein,2012,p.4). Animal experimentation is cruel but necessary for the survival of both human beings and animals. If animals are being experimented on then they have to be treated in an excellent manner to minimize their suffering. If the experiment didn`t kill them the pain alone could kill them but if they were fortunate enough not to die then they shouldn`t be thrown away if they are health or physically and mentally fine taken care of so no to affect their

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