Argumentative Essay On Emotional Support Animals

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In recent times there have been many cases of people bringing their “pets” that would be considered exotic or strange onto airplanes. Their reasoning for this is that these animals are their support animals. This has caused many issues for people trying to fly peacefully and can potentially be dangerous. What is an emotional support animal? “An emotional support animal is a non-human animal that provides companionship and comfort for its human owner or handler”( Many people use dogs or cats as their emotional support animal, but there are some that would consider their exotic pets an emotional support animal as well. Exotic pets should not be considered emotional support animals because they can be potentially harmful to the owner and the people around them and are not usually a domesticated animal. Many people enjoy owning pets that could be considered exotic. They feel that it shows wealth and power. Some people even go so far as to consider this …show more content…

An airplane is a relatively small space. This can make it difficult to control your animal and make the people around you very uncomfortable. This trip could also be very stressful for the animal making it that much harder to control. Airlines have many guidelines for the the emotional support animals that you can bring on board and purposefully discourage large or potentially dangerous animals. These are some guidelines that American Airlines places on emotional support animals. “Animal must fit on your lap, at your feet or under your seat, Animals must be clean, well behaved and under your control at all times”(National Service Animal Registry). These guidelines are put into place not to discriminate, but rather to protect. There are animals that could be considered reasonable and not exotic such as a hamster or gerbil. These animals are easily contained and regularly used as

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