Persuasive Essay On Fostering Animals

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Fostering animals, why should anyone do it? The short answer is that it will save lives. To expand, animal shelters all around the United States have suffered from overcrowding at one point or another in their business. When that occurs, they have two options: either turn away the new animals being dropped off at their doorstep or euthanize those who have been in the system for “too long”. When you choose to foster, you’re assisting in both traumatic issues. Firstly, any new animals dropped off in the shelter system can skip the entire stressful process of shelter life and go right to you. Secondly, taking in that animal that needs an extra boost to understand what it is like to be in a loving home environment, something that they may not have been able to receive in the shelter, may turn an “unadoptable” pet around. Animals who have been shown this kind of love and appreciation after their hardships, I believe can make the best pets around. I have personally fostered a kitten named Twizzler and it was such a rewarding experience to both myself and to her since she is now adopted. Additionally, I got to become more involved with the community as I am now an official member of Conrad’s Strays and have even been invited to multiple fundraiser events and adoption fairs to help more animals in need. Animals help us with so many things, like calming us down when life gets tough, causing a laugh now and again; so, isn’t it time that we give back by preventing them from living on
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