Persuasive Essay On Emotional Support Animals

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Get An Emotional Support Animal Prescription From Experienced Therapist People those who are all has a mental disability and they recommended to carry an emotional support animal everywhere. It is one of the best and important parts of a treatment program to certain people with emotional disabilities and psychological conditions. These animals give a comfort to the patients those who have emotional disability problems. The mental health professionals like licensed therapist, psychiatrist and psychologist are authorized to prescribe the animal support according to the air carrier access act and fair housing act. Apart from that, there are many ways are available to treat emotional conditions and disabilities. Those methods are needed to spend much money take a lot of effort to treat disabilities. The ESA is the right method for those who looking the best treatment for their disabilities. The ESA is provided according to …show more content…

it is needed when the disability patient wished to fly with their emotional support animals. Patients allow taking the emotional support animal into the flight with them. If the patient gets an accommodation and wishes to stay with support animals, it is available. An emotional support animal prescription is provided for those who like to take the animal in their home. If the policies and rules of the landlord do not allow for animals and pets. Apart from that, the people those who suffering from emotional disorders, they need emotional support animals for their treatment. Some pet owners are gaming the system in order to have everyday pets travel for free. The federal regulations allow a legitimate ESA it can be a dog. To travel on airplanes in the cabin with the owner and for free it the owner has proper documents that mean a letter from a mental health professional and doctor. The animal must be well-behaved and must be adequate space

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