Emotional Support Dog Letter Essay

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How emotional support dog letter Becomes Necessary
This is most important document need to be carried along in order to have your pet as an ESA. It should be prescribed by a licensed health provider. This letter will be usually issues as per the law of Fair and housing act and air carrier access act. This letter is also known as emotional support dog letter and an important document and it should be carried along with and it will allow person to live in an apartment with their ESA. It is also to travel in air along with the emotional support animals. This document will assist the mental and emotional disorder and the necessity of your ESA. The letter should contain necessary details.
• Passenger’s mental disability
• Physician’s mental health professionals license
ESA Letter Is Useful:
ESA letter is useful for people with mental disability. This letter will be issued by licensed physicians who have mental disability. This certificate is applicable to all mental disabled problems like communication disorder, eating disorder, elimination disorder, cognitive disorder and other psychotic disorders. It is very important to note that this certificate will be verified under airlines. The good news is that doctor provides an ESA letter for both housing …show more content…

An ESA does not need such training. An ESA only needs basic training in order to able to respond to any simple commands such as stay and sit. A standard service dog is considered to be medical equipment and it is allows everywhere. The owner of an ESA has the same rights as the owners of normal pets. Though there are not actual cases which address the issue of owning multiple ESA’s, basic requirements are same. Therefore, in order to obtain a ESA, one has to get certificate from physicians as they are mental disabled. Therefore, one needs to fulfill with the eligibility in getting emotional support animal

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