Describe The Causes And Effects Of Complex Disability And Conditions

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1.1 Describe the causes and effects of complex disabilities and conditions. Mental health issues ranging from the doubts and uncertainties have become a part of daily routine, towards serious long term situation which can be very complex for managing and having a diversifying impact on the overall live of the people. The usual child health leads to contribute towards overall development (Watson & Le Couteur, 2011). Therefore it is important to take special care of people with complex disability as they turn out to be sensitive enough about the situation and environment they are living in. 1.2 What are the typical impacts of these on children and young people? Majority of the disable people may lead to experience the adulthood transition differently towards the non-disabled peers. It is true that with possible restriction imposed on their routine schedule; especially the ones that are disabled in childhood might be more insulated from peer effects and less towards getting engage in risky actions (Kirk, 2008). Question 2 2.1 Describe ways in which having a child with a complex disability or condition can impact on different aspects of families lives. To live with disable child can have deep impact on overall family members. It turns out to be an exclusive shared experience for the families and this may impact on the overall family functioning. While considering the positive impact, this widens the horizons, raising more awareness among family members considering their

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