Persuasive Essay On Disabled Children

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Disabled Children and Schools. It seems that people assess the state of public to go for children with high-capacity public schools came with a positive result meaning it is the outcome of 53% agree to go kids included those for public schools meaning it is more than OK half of this opinion. For example, Nicholas Vujicic was a man without any limbs in his body and despite this handicap he was very successful in his studies and graduated from the school decided to enter Griffith University in Australia to study by accounting and despite all the people encouraged by his mother to become a person full of vitality and fulfill all his wishes became Nicholas Responsible for two companies and their management. If this person is disabled, how are the common people or those who are healthy? Despite the lack of parental consent for their child with a disability go to regular school, but it's very useful for those kids because the child will feel that he is no different from the …show more content…

According to (Ambikile and Outwater) in (2012) it were their view that mixing disabled children with children without disabilities would help them recover quickly. The search shows that disabled children have the ability to recover if they are mixed with normal children and that they will feel happy because they are recovering from the mental or physical illness that they contain. The beginning of any chronic illness in any family becomes a nightmare for them. What if they had a disabled child? But the believe that disabled children have the ability to recover quickly once they are supported by their families and the community in which they live and feel that they are heroes for trying to recover from the disease. Also in some case, educational integration in some schools stimulates the disabled child to recover because teachers treat him like a non-disabled

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