Analyse The Relationship Between Health And Social Care

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World Health Organization (WHO) has defined disability as an umbrella term for impairments. Disability is an individual with a health condition such as Down syndrome cerebral palsy and depression, body functioning or structure on activity limitation. WHO, (2016) supported that people with learning difficulties they deserve privacy and dignity like everyone The Health and community Care Act 1990 protect people service users from abuse or neglect so that deterioration can be prevented or to promote physical or mental health and to allow independence and social inclusion. It also to improve opportunities and life chances, to help families and to protect human rights around people in need of the services. It has been argued Department of health, (2015) state that “people are living longer, which means there are likely to be more people with complex …show more content…

In 2014, the reports showed the changes in the standard of quality care, For example, Francis Report Mid Staffordshire where lots of people died because of a poor standard of care. That is where personalisation takes place where an individual is receiving care and being supported, valuing a person as individual according to their strengths and weaknesses. It is about recognising people as an individual. The disability Trust (2016) “Putting individual at the centre and knowing their needs and how they will get the help and support” to move on with their better quality of lives. We are all different, but regardless of that, everyone has the right to make their own choices about how they live and how their support is provided. Also, people with care needs can be helped to have choice and control, For example, having the access such as transport, leisure, education, housing, health and opportunities to be employed regardless of their age or

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