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HAITI Samuel chambers Introduction Haiti's main religion is Voodoo. When something happens in Haiti people go to there local Shaman(man) or Mambo (woman). Haiti may not look like much, but it is rich with history from voodoo shaman leading the slaves to revolution to the heat hot enough to kill. Haiti is interesting because of its Geography, weather, plants, animals, people and cultures. Landforms Haiti is a beautiful place with palm trees and beaches it is perfect for a holiday. Haiti has rivers running through it to all sides of Haiti and into the Caribbean and Atlantic sea. There are also mountains that separate Haiti. One of those is Massif De-la-nord an ancient mountain range with a city that has been around for a very long time. Arbonite and Pedernales are 2 of the biggest rivers in Haiti. Penderlas starts at runs along the border of Haiti and the Dominican republic and people from both sides go there to fish, drink and commute. Arbonite is the largest river with a discharge of 4,887 and creates the best rice growing place on Haiti. Weather The weather in Haiti is beautiful and warm perfect for beach days with a dry wind being cut off by mountains from the east there will be know wind to kick up the sand. Yes there are tropical semi arid …show more content…

These include Haitian solenodon the Hispaniola Hutia who have both been thrown to the verge of extinction. Haiti is one of the only places where you can find them in the wild. There have been other animals that have been brought to extinction and unfortunately didn't make it. There are many different flora in Haiti, like the giant tree fern, orchids and bayahondes it is very life filled. Many people go to Haiti to see all of the wildlife and flora that can be found in only a few other spots in the world. Haiti is like a diamond in the ocean full of

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