Earthquake Of 2010 Affected The Number Orphans And How We Can Help

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Understanding How the Haitian Earthquake of 2010 Affected the
Number Orphans and How We Can Help

Have you thought about a natural disaster that happened years ago, leaving no effect on you at all? Why would you have a reason to? The effects of an earthquake that happened five years ago have probably been solved by now. Right? But unfortunately, the people of Haiti are still struggling and dying because of the earthquake that occurred five years ago. All of these problems are raising the number of orphaned children, and leaving them with no shelter, food, clothes, or a family to call their own.

Life Before the Earthquake

An average family of four lives off of $350 a year. That is less than a dollar a day per family! There isn’t a very wide …show more content…

If you are lucky, you will have access to a tin roof. Buying a house in Haiti is very different from buying a house in the US. In Haiti, you would use whatever is left of your money for the week to buy a single cinder block (sometimes you might have enough to buy two). Each time a cinder block is bought, you add to a wall in your home, compared to buying the whole house and then paying it off in the US.

Results of The Haiti Earthquake of 2010

The earthquake of 2010 was a 7.0 on the Richter Scale. This large earthquake caused the death of 230,000 people. This was due to poor building structure and little warning. There were too many bodies to move and so few people who were capable of moving them (due to injuries) that the bodies would just be piled up on roads and in city squares. As a result of the earthquake, a total of 10,000 children were left orphaned. This added to the already existing 380,000 orphans in group homes and orphanages.

A Child’s Daily Life

Many children in Haiti are malnourished. They Drink dirty water and eat mud cakes to keep their stomachs full. There is no way to dispose of waste so they use the streets as a bathroom. Not many children get the privilege of going to school. It is very expensive and families would rather have their children work than get an

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