Essay On Haiti Health Care

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Introduction This paper will discuss and analyze the healthcare system in Haiti on an economic, social, political and demographic point of view. Also, how does the healthcare system impact the family and how it affects the elderly and the community. I chose to discuss on Haiti healthcare system because it ranked one of the worse healthcare systems in the world and the information I gathered was rather interesting. A healthcare system is an organization which consists of healthcare professionals, other staff and resources that work together to deliver care to the community or target population. Background Haiti is an island which is located in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean Sea, the island is 27,750 square kilometers in size and has approximately 10.8 million people, which ranks it the first populous country in the Caribbean. Despite, Haiti vast population 80 percent of the people live below the poverty line hence, half of the citizens are malnourished. In terms of healthcare systems, the island positions last in the western hemispheres and one of the world worst healthcare system due to their lacking sanitation systems, poor nutrition and insufficient health services, which continues to prevent Haiti development. In addition, for generations Haiti has …show more content…

Haiti structural violence factor can be prevented by addressing the negative social factors such as poverty and social inequality, by doing this the negative effects of structural violence on health can be decreased, which will improve both healthcare access and health outcomes in Haiti. This country also needs a stable, modern health care system that can respond to the surgical or medical needs of all citizens and is structured and staffed by Haitians

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