Informative Essay On Haiti

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Haiti is ten-thousand square miles of mountains and valleys, and is stuffed to the brim with almost 3 million people. Most are black or lighter skinned, but there are only 5,000 white, most all whom are immigrants. It’s widely believed they came from Africa, but they are just as European as American’s were in the beginning. They learned their main language, Creole, from French slaveholders and it has been used in high and low classes alike since. A sign of higher education though, is being able to fluently speak French. The 25-year man from Haiti I interviewed spoke both Creole and French fluently, and his English is getting along quite well. He is a native Haitian and he usually lives with his family of seven in Haiti, but comes to the United States a year at a time using a work visa. Vodou, more commonly known as Voodoo, is one of the religions in Haiti. The state gives no support for their beliefs, and you will never see a Vodou temple or church as you would in many other religions. The priests wear nothing to make themselves stand out from everyone else around them. There are no members of Vodouism or of the Vodou church, they just practice it. Roman Catholicism is the only religion the state supports, but most of the Vodou believers are also Catholic. And although the state seems to frown upon Vodouism, they never …show more content…

After the longest dictatorship in history, Haiti still can’t get their government to work right. Lower class people were always so far away from the elite class and it caused problems within the country. Elites wanted to be able to use the lower class for money and labor, but not actually even see them and come into contact with them. Haiti is always split in two; elite and lower class, French and Creole, Christian and Vodou, rural and urban. With such a huge split all throughout the country, they cannot hope to ever really unite to make it a better place for its

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