Informative Essay: The Dominican Republic

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Hello you are now about to hear about this amazing,wonderful island called the Dominican Republic.This beautiful island is welcome to many people all around the world and is a popular tourist attraction till this day.Many people like to visit the romantic sites and the outstanding beaches in the area.A majority of the tropical fruits and the tropical birds live there.Most of the food they eat there is seafood because they live in the Caribbean Islands.Stay tuned to find out more about the wonderful Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean Seas and the
Caribbean Sea separates the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico.This beautiful island is boarded right by Haiti on the left side.The Atlantic Ocean is right above …show more content…

Another popular food they eat is called Mangu dominicano it contains Plantains,meat,eggs,vegetables, and they put other things if they decide to such as spices.They mainly eat it at lunch because that’s one of the most important meal of the day.Merengue Festival is one of the most popular festival’s in the Dominican Republic in July 26-31 which they dress up and dance with a partner as they shake their hips rapidly to their music.Baseball is one of their most favored sport by far in the Dominican Republic.The dominican Republic has the second-highest number of baseball players in Major League Baseball. This amazing island has unbelievable beaches all around the Dominican Republic.One of the most popular beach’s is Punta Cana, with its one of a kind sunsets and waters.Many tourist’s go snorkeling,night seeing,fishing,and they also go scuba diving.If couples want to go alone or best friends they might go to the Dominican Republic’s waterfalls or their

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