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Seaparks changed forever in 1964, when the the largest captive animal ever was first put on display for the public to see (Killer Controversy). Capable of growing up to twenty eight feet long, with a six foot tall dorsalfin, and weighing up to 9,570 pounds, it is no wonder why the world knows this mammal as the killer whale ("KILLER WHALES (Orcinus Orca)). Being put on display flipped the image of the killer or orca whale from vishous and mean, to playful and brilliant. Little did people know, orcas don 't belong in captivity and that putting them there would turn the beautiful creature back into the vicious beast it was known as before. Thus proving, the containment of whales, for any motive, needs to come to an end, for the reasons that it 's not needed, there are not treated well, live shorter lifespans, and are in bad living conditions that pose multiple threats to their lives. …show more content…

Everything about placing orcas in captivity is wrong, and it all starts at the capturing of the whales. Its not just the fact that people are taking them from their natural environment, but it 's how the people do it. Pods are located and then hunted down in a quite aggressive manner. Pods are chased into coves with bombs, aircraft, and boats until captured in a corral made of net. One by one, the babies, who are supposed to stay with their mother their entire life, are picked out and kidnaped from the pod. When the nets are dropped to let the rest of the whales go, sometimes there will be injured or even dead whales (Blackfish. Dir. Gabriela Cowperthwaite). John Crowe, a man who was on a whale capturing trip, talked in a documentary about how his crew was instructed to cut open the dead whales, fill them with rocks, and sink them to the bottom of the ocean. Even he admitted that this was horrible and something he wish would have never happened (Sorren,

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