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  • Killer Whales In Captivity Research Paper

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    Andre Cole Ricardo Acosta G. English 101 September 22, 2015 Do Killer Whales Actually Belong in Captivity? Ever since wild animals such as Killer Whales have been captured and kept in theme parks and zoos as amusement, there have been issues on whether they should or shouldn’t be kept in captivity. Killer Whales, otherwise commonly referred to as Orcas, have regularly been taken away from the sea at a very young age so they can be trained, raised and kept in theme parks for exhibition. Although

  • Why Is Whaling Banned

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    The Whaling Ban Issue Globalization University of The People In order to preserve their cultural activities the Norwegian and Japanese people are opposing to the whaling ban which has been issued. Some villages’ main income was based on whale hunting and the ban is making the life of locals difficult. From a cultural activity that finds most of the world opposite, the people of these areas were providing for their families depending on the particular hunt. After pausing for a second on

  • The Importance Of Whaling In Japan

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    Introduction Whale hunting in Japan has become an increasingly controversial topic after the International Whaling Commission law was passed because Japan has been killing large number of whales for scientific research. This is because of that some of whales’ species such as blue whales are considered endangered and this might cause an ecological damage to the sea environment. Whales are intelligent animals and their existence participate in the environmental equilibrium therefore killings

  • Informative Essay On Sharks

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    While everybody knows that sharks are natural-born killers, few understand how deep the killer-instinct runs: in numerous types, shark embryos in their mothers' wombs consistently cannibalize their siblings. Sharks, then, go on murderous sprees even before they are born. Yet, these terrifying creatures aren't exactly what you would anticipate. They do not prowl beaches searching for tasty people to engulf. If you desire to remain safe from shark attacks, you have to comprehend them a bit more deeply

  • Sperm Whales Observation

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    After enjoying a nice squid meal, Sapphire heads to her seaweed bed to take some final research notes before sleeping. She writes down her observations of the sperm whale's habitat, “Fin told me that sperm whales can be found all throughout the earth’s major oceans. From warm tropical climates in and around the equator, to the northern and southern polar hemispheres. I noticed that the females and their calves tend to prefer staying in warm climates in and around the equator throughout the year

  • The Slave Ship Marcus Rediker Summary

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    To be sold into slavery or to be eaten by a shark: The Slave Ship begins with the story of a woman who must make this fateful decision. The author tricks the reader twice, first by making us think that this woman fated to death by a shark or the slave trade will be the focus of the novel, and then again by making us think that nothing could be worse than that. We learn as the book progresses that slaves faced insurmountable obstacles, pain, fear, and humiliation, and that for many the choice to eaten

  • The Importance Of Seal Hunting In Canada

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    The Canadian seal hunt is a monitored seal hunt that harvests nearly half a million harp seals every year in the months of March and April. The Canadian seal hunt is justified and very important to Canada as it benefits the economy, is regulated and has a sustainable practice, and is important towards the sealers and fishermen of Canada. Firstly seal hunting is very beneficial to the Canadian economy, as many seal based products are sold across the world. Seals are a very valuable resource in Canada

  • Leatherback Sea Turtle Research Paper

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    For this assignment, I chose to research the migratory patterns of one of the largest reptiles on Earth, the Leatherback sea turtle Dermochelys coriacea. The average adult leatherback turtle can weigh up to a thousand pounds and measure from 4-8 feet in length! This great size allows them to tolerate cooler water temperatures than any other sea turtle. D. coriacea have the broadest distribution of all sea turtle species and they can be found throughout the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. This

  • The Negative Effects Of Sharks Reputation

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    In the time it takes a person to read this short sentence, over fifteen sharks have been killed. Because people have negative opinions about sharks, they are being slaughtered in mind boggling amounts, and now need protection. Sharks have a bad reputation which is caused by the media’s Hollywood like portrayals. Even though sharks may look and seem evil, there are key to our oceans and need protection. Virtually all sharks in the world are feared and hated because of the media’s fiendish portrayals

  • Animal Captivity Essay

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    Opinion Essay Animal captivity Animal captivity has a huge problem all over the world, and especially at sea worlds, but I believe that this phenomenon will benefit the society. I agree that animal captivity should be banned from sea worlds. Therefore it has been risky for trainers to train the whales at sea world because of what these whales have done to trainers in the past, for example; killing their trainers, and injuring them. In order to stop that there should be protests about how dangerous

  • Blackfish Essay

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    In 2013, a documentary called Blackfish was released to the public. This film was produced, written, and directed by a lady named Gabriela Cowperthwaite, as a way to show the world how poorly whales are treated and why they do not belong in captivity. Blackfish also shows how little people really know about the beautiful and highly intelligent orca whale itself. Her film was seen by many, and touched the hearts of a lot people, taking the debate of the topic to a higher level. The movie hits on

  • Tilikum: The Killer Whale's Death

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    Tilikum is well known for killing his trainer at SeaWorld Orlando in 2010. When Tilikum died, SeaWorld said it was ‘deeply saddened’ by the killer whale’s death, saying Tilikum had suffered serious health issues but did not give any cause of death. Tilikum was estimated to be 36 years old, and assumed to be born in the waters off from Iceland. The famous orca was featured in the documentary Blackfish, which criticized animal parks that keep killer whales in captivity. Tilikum’s trainer Dawn Brancheau

  • Persuasive Speech Against Whale Captivity

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    To begin with, I am against whale captivity. I will be telling you three thing and then how I feel about them. So I hope you are ready to listen. LET 'S GO!!!! So we all know or have heard of seaworld, but when we go there and have fun we never think about how harmful it is to the killer whales and their trainers working with them. Text why Blackfish is propaganda not a documentary. I believe that seaworld she not be able to have killer whales in a little pool. They also shouldn’t use them for

  • Seaworld Captive Behavior Analysis

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    Orcas were not the only animals at SeaWorld exhibiting aggressive behavior. Several instances have been documented in which dolphins have acted aggressively to both a SeaWorld trainer and SeaWorld patrons. According to USA Today’s article, “Captive animals ' attack on trainers and public” dolphins have engaged in aggressive behavior. “In 2000 a dolphin entangled a trainer in a net, spun her around and held her underwater during a dolphin capture exercise. The trainer suffered three factures and

  • Orca Captivity

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    There is always a new bandwagon for false activists, and one of the most popular is the cause of freeing captured killer whales. For some, this is not just the latest fad, but it has been a life long devotion which has been the focus of their passion since the mid twentieth century. These creature are majestic and need to be protected. They were named after this frightening figure because of their brutal reputation in the wild. In Latin, the word Orca can literally be translated to barrel-shaped

  • Captive Whale Scenarios

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    Title: Captive Whale Tries To Beach Herself to Avoid Being Bullying Category: News & Opinion Tags: Morgan, captive orca, captive whales, free morgan Teaser: A whale so distraught from captivity and being bullied, she beaches herself. Article: How many times do we need to see captive animals distressed before they are released? It’s not entertaining or amusing, so why are they still being tortured into jumping through hoops and performing on demand? No matter how you label it suicide or beaching

  • Essay On Bubble Feeding

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    Feeding techniques and Social Learning: Bubble net feeding has been identified as tool-using behavior and a possible sign of culture. The process of bubble-net feeding is like a game of football, where members specialize in an specific factor of the hunting process. From the evolutionary perspective, humpback whales could have develop cultural transmission in order to communicate about the location of the their prey. Their prey, schools of fish, are spread in aggregated manners

  • Research Paper On Seahorses

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    Did you know seahorses don’t have any teeth or a stomach? Seahorses are a very interesting animal that could be misjudged as a sea monster. One that has a very curly tail, and bright, vibrant colors. These “sea monsters” are fish, even though they don’t look like a fish. They aren’t even very similar to a fish too. Seahorses don’t swim very fast either, or have scales, like all fish. Instead the seahorse has bony plates. Bony plates are little plates that are arranged in tiny

  • Rhetoric In Blackfish

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    The film Blackfish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite employs rhetorical strategies to convey the alarming misfortune that orca whales experience in captivity. The film follows the appalling story of the bull orca whale Tilikum and the three human fatalities he is responsible for. Ms. Cowperthwaite uses interviews with dismayed former trainers and whale experts as a vehicle to explore the gap between the conglomerate SeaWorld’s public image and its palpable reality. The wild orcas that researchers describe

  • Deep Sea Jelly Fish Research Paper

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    There are several interesting underwater animals in the earth 's oceans. Several of them have only recently been discovered. Some like the zombie worms have baffled scientists. Others like the deep sea jellyfish have just shocked scientists. Then, there are some like the yeti crabs, which have just confused scientists with how they survive in the hydrothermal vents near Antarctica. Though some people see these just as deep sea animals, they are very interesting and provide so much information. Zombie