Why Is Whaling Banned

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The Whaling Ban Issue
University of The People

In order to preserve their cultural activities the Norwegian and Japanese people are opposing to the whaling ban which has been issued. Some villages’ main income was based on whale hunting and the ban is making the life of locals difficult. From a cultural activity that finds most of the world opposite, the people of these areas were providing for their families depending on the particular hunt.
After pausing for a second on the dilemma; Norwegian and Japanese peoples’ income, or living whales? I would say that I definitely disagree with the position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption. I’m very romantic and I’m keen to …show more content…

Cultural activity as I understand it is an action that reveals the history of the nation’s ancestors, the customs and traditions that the younger generations will learn and cherish as their heritage. Violence, in any way, doesn’t need to be inherited. A non-violent cultural activity for example, is folk dancing or singing, socializing in various forms such us praying for a god or listen to the older ones tell stories while gathered around a fire. Carnivals, festivals and traditional food cuisines, are some more activities that define a nation’s culture. Art and various handcraft activities, as well as knowledge of any kind that passes from generation to generation. Along with the aforementioned activities and considering many others, is how the picture of culture is drawn in my …show more content…

It’s very easy to judge an action when you are not at the other person’s shoes, that’s why there is a balance to be achieved when issues like that come to light. First of all discussion in a peaceful manner should be held and both sides should state the pros and the cons of their argument. I’m sure that for every conflict there is a golden section that will bring tranquility. Governments and other organizations should be beside those people that are losing income after bans like the whaling, are issued. Programs should be conducted in order to give to the whale hunters; in this case, incentives to start something new and be able to provide for their family in a different blood free

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