Essay On Endangered Animals

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Animals in Their New Natural Habitat
Why are different species becoming extinct? Do researchers know how many innocent animals are killed each year? When will animals be protected in a comfortable habitat? In man-made environments, such as zoos and other nature parks, animals that are born in the wild are protected and well taken care of. Due to animals running around in the wild, scientists and researchers can track the amount of animals being killed everyday. This usually causes extinction within that species, and researchers have decided to do something about it. Although endangered animals are born in the wild, they should be sheltered and protected in nature parks because it helps decrease the amount of extinctions, allows a better and healthier environment, and the animals are protected from predators and human hunters. Endangered animals are to be kept in zoos because it decreases the amount of extinctions. Human activities have affected animals living in the wild dramatically throughout history. Roads being built and …show more content…

The majority of the amount of animals that are killed in the wild are because of hunters. Humans usually kill these animals for accessories such as fur, meat, and other body parts. Creatures in the wild are almost always being hunted, whether it’s by a predator or a hunter. Law enforcers have tried to eliminate the amount of hunters by not allowing road building or hunting in certain areas. This definitely helped a lot, but still doesn’t fix the problem with predators. Predators are like robbers of their prey’s life. Once one is caught, predators never let go. While some may argue that being in a zoo will affect an animal’s hunting skills, it’s not always the best plan to let endangered animals free in the wild. It stands to reason that society should continue keeping our animals safe from danger in

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