National Wildlife Federation Essay

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National Wildlife Federation is a wildlife organization founded by Ding Darling. The Wildlife Federation works to protect the ecosystem that is crucial to the native wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation took part in the passing of clean water act, clean air act, and endangered species act. In 2007 the water resources development act was successfully passed thanks to the help of the Wildlife Federation.
The intended audience for this website seemed to be for anyone willing to pitch in a dollar that wanted to take further action with helping the wildlife whether it was locally or nationally. Most of the information on the National Wildlife Federation website is based on opinion. For example, one of the statements they believe in is “Conservation on private land plays an essential role in supporting healthy fish and wildlife populations and providing and connecting their habitat.” While searching throughout this website no biased related opinions could be found.
All of the information that is presented on the website is properly documented. The website includes history and
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Most of the information on this website is presented as factual. However there is a section that is separate and just for opinions and editorials. In a recent editorial about “What Americans Think about the Sage Grouse Conservation” there was some biased opinions exposed. For example “But what opponents to Endangered Species Act protections lack in numbers, they make up in decibels. It 's the ultimate case of the mouse that roared. This collection of well-connected politicians and corporate boosters has successfully amplified its anti-wildlife message so that some in Congress have been fooled into thinking that sound bites represent widespread public opposition to sage grouse protections.” This quote clearly shows a bias towards the wealthy and how they aid in the influence of changing people’s
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