Seal Hunting Persuasive Essay

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The seal hunt should be banned. They are being hunted for their fur. Canada allows 470,000 seals to be hunted every year, and that is endangering the seals population. Hunters specifically look for baby seals to hunt. They do this because their fur is very soft, and they have a lot of value in them. The seals that get killed for their fur are all 2-3 weeks old. These animals are getting killed very often, and they get killed in a very painful way. Hunters don’t shoot the animal. Shooting the animal is much more effective and it will put it out of its misery faster, but hunters use clubs to beat them to death. Seals are being hunted, and it should be banned in Canada. Hunting large amounts of seals will reduce the seal population. Their population has already been reduced by 25%, and it continues to decline. In numbers, that is 7.7 billion seals. That is a lot of seals and if that continues, the seals may be in the endangered list. If the seals are on the endangered list, the food chain will also get affected. Animals like killer whales depend on seals for food. If the seals disappear, the killer whales will also start to die of because of starvation. Some fish species will become overpopulated. This is because there won’t be any seals to eat them, and then that …show more content…

It is actually the only reason why commercial hunters hunt these animals. Their fur has good value in them and they get sold for very high prices when made into clothing. They get sold for about 3000 to 5000 dollars per coat. Because of the money that people can get out of selling these merchandise, more people hunt seals ant try to make money off of it. The seals that they hunt are all 2-3 weeks old. This is very young for a seal, and this is reducing the seals population. The seals aren’t getting the chance to grow up and reproduce and keep the population steady. Hunters are interfering with this process, and the seal hunt has to be banned for this

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