Animal Cruelty In The Livestock Industry

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Slap, whip, abuse. This is what comes to mind when people think of when it comes to livestock. This assumption is misleading and inaccurate because this is only showing the bad side to what actually goes on. The livestock industry is viewed as immoral and inhumane but in reality, we do so much more good than bad but the truth is being kept away. In the industry we care for the livestock, we provide for whatever they need, and simply, it’s a lifestyle. Animal cruelty is defined as, “human infliction of suffering or harm upon any animal for purposes other than self-defense or survival.” When people or an organization take a look at clubs like Future Farmers of America (or FFA) or 4-H they think, “how can they be so cruel to their animals; …show more content…

When you get an animal you provide for it so it can be healthy and strong just like children. Organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals just look at the bad incidents and don’t take into account how much we have expanded from livestock. They think that in FFA or 4-H we just fatten up our livestock and when the time comes we just give them away to be slaughtered like nothing, as if we never got emotionally attached to our animal. But they are wrong. We provide everything that is needed. We give them food and make sure they’re hale and hearty, we clean their pens so no diseases or infections spread around, and we exercise them so they don’t become lazy, and surprisingly people see this as animal cruelty? But the “humorous” part about this is that the people who have never been involved with livestock or had experience in the expertise are making assumptions about something that is false. We as farmers just want what’s best for our …show more content…

What many people overlook is the fact that without livestock half the things we have today would not be here. For example, we would have no glue, make-up, detergent, and anything you could possibly think of. People refuse to admit that the livestock industry is a way of life. It’s something that has been done for many years, and maybe even decades by now. Without livestock we would not have burgers, hot dogs, or steak, and we all know we can’t go a week without a sweet, juicy steak creeping up on our taste buds. People have become too ignorant to realize that there is so much more to offer than just “abuse” to live stock. It’s a way of life, and it has been for a while now and changing that is going to be pretty

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