Livestock: Positive Or Negatively Affects Kids In Life

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There is an important question many people today wonder; I found that there are several people who see how showing livestock affects kids in school and in life. I chose this topic because so many people think that showing livestock is just a waste of time and money, but they have no idea what it entails. Other people don’t realize that showing livestock isn’t about the money or just having a pet. I am writing this paper because everybody should know that showing isn’t about having a pet, it’s about gaining responsibilities and learning new things that can help you later in life. Showing livestock helps children go farther in life because it teaches them more responsibility, they work harder, and they never give up on their dreams. Showing …show more content…

Showing livestock gives the kids an opportunity to fail and succeed during the same show season. Every judge will have a different opinion on your animal because each placing is different at the shows since the variables are different. Livestock exhibitors understand that sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, but that makes them a little more real life ready. Life gets difficult, things change daily and you have to be able to get back up and tackle tomorrow after a bad day. Students who show livestock don’t give up easily due to their experiences showing, they are more prepared for failure. Occasionally in life you will fail, but it is easier to learn how to handle it earlier in life rather than later (Allen). Showing livestock has helped me learn that I won’t always get what I want in life, but you pick yourself up and you work for what you want. When the judge places you last it doesn’t feel so great, but you learn to take what he says serious and fix what you can about your animal. Make a list of things to change, have somebody in your family that’s watching you write down what the judge says on your way out of the show ring so you can remember what they said and you can keep it for future

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