Why Did Lewis And Clark Deserve To Be Remembered

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People normally wouldn’t think about the importance that two people had on this world from over 200 years ago. Have you ever thought about the impact that these two men, Lewis and Clark had on our world, and how they might’ve changed things for the United States? Most likely not. These two men set out on a journey that lasted 2 years and 4 months to search for a land route to the Pacific, to strengthen American claims to the Oregon territory, also to gather more information about the inhabitants and country of the Far West. You may not think these two men have any importance to today but, they discovered many things that this world knows today. Lewis and Clark have created a legacy that deserves to be remembered.

The number one reason that Lewis and Clark deserve to be remembered was for finding a way into the Far West to make friendly contact with the Indian groups for trade purposes. They made good friends with the Western Indians and brought back information about the west and their peoples. The expedition of Lewis and Clark helped set the stage for the settlement of the West. It also led into the Louisiana Purchase, …show more content…

It was a long, difficult and tiring journey for over a 2 year time period. They had to face many problems along the way like the cold weather, snake bites, mosquitoes, getting chased by bears, lack of food, and most of all crossing the Rocky Mountains. Their hardwork and dedication, even through all the struggles lead to many new discoveries like new people, animals, plants, land, waterways, and trades. Which made a mark in history and contributed to the knowledge of the country, if Lewis and Clark did not travel this journey, it could’ve been years before we discovered new lands, plants, animals, etc. The Lewis and Clark expedition opened a new chapter in history full of discovering new things and exploring new lands that humans did not know

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