How Did The Constitution Affect The Louisiana Purchase

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-The Louisiana Purchase caused formation of new states, access to the Mississippi river system,increase in geographic and scientific knowledge, increased conflict with american indians, and it added more territory to the U.S. . Louisiana Purchase and Exploration The Constitution affected the Louisiana purchase because of the Purchase's constitutionality "Nowhere does the Constitution authorize the executive branch of the government to spend public funds to expand the boundaries of the nation." This was a problem for Thomas Jefferson since he was after all elected by a "political philosophy that emphasized small government, low taxes, and "strict construction" of the Constitution"In conclusion by Jefferson's many ways technically the Louisiana purchase could …show more content…

from France in exchange for 15 million dollars. This purchase gave approximately 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River to the U.S. . -The Lewis and Clark Expedition was when both Lewis and Clark were asked to explore the Louisiana Purchase and to take notes and gain knowledge on the land. - The U.S. constitution was written during the constitutional convention (1787), later ratified (1788), and put into effect in 1789. This document was written to establish a strong central government in place of the Articles of Confederation. All of these effects of the Louisiana purchase affected other people such as Samuel Slater, Eli Whitney, Cyrus McCormick, Jo Anderson, and Robert Fulton . The effects gave these people better chances of their inventions getting out there during the industrial revolution. For example Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin during the industrial revolution and the the u.s. having had more territory and geographic knowledge of the western land could give him the opportunity of having more people want to use it because there would be enough good land to plant plenty of cotton

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