Louisiana Purchase Advantages And Disadvantages

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An advantage is a circumstance where someone or something gains from a situation. To each advantage there has to be an opposing disadvantage. With that being said, President Thomas Jefferson faced several different advantages and disadvantages with the purchasing of Louisiana from France. In this paper I will be stating several advantages and disadvantages that President Thomas Jefferson faced during and after the purchase of Louisiana. One of the advantages of The Louisiana Purchase ,was the gaining of the New Orleans Port and the Mississippi River. “In 1802, The Spanish governor of New Orleans denied Americans the use of that port city (Background). Supposedly ,Spain and France had a secret treaty ,and later in the year of 1802 Spain …show more content…

Second, a late slave revolt in a French settlement in Haiti exhibited the trouble of overseeing New World provinces from Europe. Being that the New Orleans port was an essential passageway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, Americans were set up to go to war with France to hold the capacity to ship load through New Orleans. Consequently, Napoleon chose he was in an ideal situation offering Louisiana to the United States and utilizing the benefits to back his domain in Europe.(https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/why-did-napoleon-want-louisiana-why-did-he-change-622009) Eventually, Napoleon realized that he could not benefit from or protect the land,so he decided to sell it. This is why France is no longer apart of North America. Another advantage that was not as important was that the United States gained for land for farming and natural resources.
An opposing disadvantage to the gaining of Louisiana, America had to defend and protect land double its original size before the purchase. We are being honest the purchase of Louisiana was not constitutional the Jefferson want to gets his beliefs and bought Louisiana anyway. This leaves the United States with more land, and more land means, more managing and protecting. This leads to more government to make sure things stay sturdy and

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