Lewis And Clark Lord Of The Flies Comparison

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The expedition set by Lewis and Clark on 1804-1806 to the explore the newly purchased Louisiana territory was a crucial moment in American history. The idea for the exploration was brought by President Thomas Jefferson on January 18, 1803. After purchasing the Louisiana territory from the French, he wanted someone to explore it before people can relocate. He asked Lewis to go on this journey and to find out everything. Lewis agreed and selected William Clark for an expedition that would make history. The journey lasted for about three years because there was great leadership and survival strategies utilized throughout the journey. The expedition is both similar and different from the novel, "Lord of the flies" in many ways.

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In the novel, the boys were split up into two groups, the hunters and the builders. Ralph was the overall leader and Jack was the person in charge of his choir who are supposed to hunt and protect the rest. Leadership is dismantled between the boys when Jack decides to abandon the tribe and states "I'm going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when can come too" (Golding, 1962). Jack leaves the tribe because he is jealous of Ralph and feels like he can be a better leader than him. The leadership quality is different the Lewis and Clark expedition because it is led by Lewis and Clark rather than a single leader. To cover more land, "the expedition divided into several groups to better explore the region and two major tributes of the Missouri" (Buckley, 2018). All the members of the expedition helped one another in building forts and gathering important …show more content…

The boys in the novel do many things to survive in the deserted island. They go hunting for pigs and make fire places to stay warm and cook the food. The fire is also used as a signal for planes and boats passing nearby. The young kids are the most afraid of the monster on the island, but the older boys make them feel safer by making sharp sticks. The one survival strategy they use that is most like the one used in the expedition is when jack states "This head is for the beast. It's a gift" (Golding,1962). The boys do this when they hunt down a pig and put its head in a stick. They believe that by giving an offering it will not try to kill them. The same actions were done in the Lewis and Clark expedition when they offered the Indians clothing, pipe tomahawks, beads, jewelry, flannel, and many different types of knives (UV, 2007). In return for all the gifts, the Indians offered the Americans food, medication, and shelter from the harsh

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