Lewis And Clark Compare And Contrast

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Search for Discovery and Civilization e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e “Amazing the things you find when you bother to search for them”, said Sacagawea, a Native American who helped Lewis and Clark on their journey of the Louisiana Purchase. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were asked by the President at the time, Thomas Jefferson, to take an expedition to find a route across the continent. Lewis and Clark went on with the expedition down the Mississippi River with a few helpers. They were given many goals from Thomas Jefferson, such as finding a water route to the Pacific Ocean, studying plants and animals on the way, and to find and make peace with Native Americans. This journey across the Mississippi affected the United States in many …show more content…

They began the journey around St. Louis, Missouri, in May 1804. The way there gave them harsh weathers, injuries, illnesses, and hunger. Their journey was long, but eventually they found a way to the Pacific Ocean in November of 1805. When they got there Lewis and Clark made camp in which is now Oregon. They also moved into a fort, Fort Clatsop, where they would stay to check over their data on the way there. On their way back they split up so that they can find more land quicker and to find a faster way back home. “The Lewis and Clark Expedition spanned 8,000 mi (13,000 km) and three years, taking the Corps of Discovery, as the expedition party was known, down the Ohio River, up the Missouri River, across the Continental Divide, and to the Pacific Ocean.” This expedition was about 8,000 miles and almost costed them their lives, but when Lewis and Clark made it back on their way to the capital, the people were proud of them and celebrated them. Their discovery of finding a fast route to the Pacific Ocean has changed the way of transportation, trade, and territorial …show more content…

On their journey to find a route to the Pacific Ocean, they did encounter Native Americans. They found many Native tribes, the Mandans provided them with supplies for winter. Lewis and Clark helped the Natives by giving them all the new machinery and other stuff that they did not have. There was a very special Native American who helped Lewis and Clark on their journey to the Pacific Ocean, her name was Sacagawea. She was a Shoshone Indian and married to a man named Charbonneau, those two went on with Lewis and Clark on the journey to help. Sacagawea provided them with horses and many guidance since she knew more of the West than Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark discovering and making peace with the Native Americans was a very important time because they can now collide areas, trade, and much more. Lewis and Clark’s expeditions was much easier and quicker with the help of some tribes and especially Sacagawea. Without them discovering the Native Americans, we might have never made peace with them or it could have taken year to do that. Since then Americans have gained a lot of experience with lifestyle, medicine, weaponry, hunting, and much

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