Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark

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Imagine a world where Natives were hostile towards everyone. If Lewis and Clark treated the Indians unfairly this would undoubtedly be the case. Luckily, during the expedition Lewis and Clark and the rest of The Corps of Discovery treated the Natives very fairly. Lewis and Clark treated the natives fairly because, they gave them gifts, they spoke respectfully, and were not violent. To begin with, they gave them gifts. In one of Lewis’ journal entries it states, “One of the Indians, the fellow whom I had given the medal last evening…” In other words they had given the gift out of respect for the natives. They gave them the medal to show that they meant peace. In a letter written by Thomas Jefferson it states, “Carry with you some smallpox medicine … and instruct and encourage them to use it.” To clarify, if they gave them medicine to make them not sick, they obviously meant peace. Therefore, Lewis and Clark were respectful because they gave them gifts. Additionally, they spoke respectfully. A letter from Thomas Jefferson to Lewis says, “...our wish to be neighborly, friendly, and useful to them, and to trade with them.” If they had any plans to harm them that would have been disrespectful, but they wanted to be friendly. Similarly, Lewis’ speech said, “Follow these …show more content…

Some people might say otherwise due to the fact that they killed an Indian; however they killed him because he stole their gun. Nowhere in Lewis’ diaries does it speak of any violent actions towards the Natives apart from the one that was killed for stealing the gun. The killing of this Indian can be justified due to the fact that they told them that if they were to be civil, no harm would be done. Similarly, in Jefferson’s letter it states, “...we will receive, instruct and take care of them. [influential chefs and young people]” If Jefferson had instructed them to do something, they would do it. Both of these documents speak of peaceful interactions with

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