Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark

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Lewis and Clark Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were on an expedition lead by Lewis on the orders of Thomas Jefferson the president at the time.The expedition began in 1804 and it lasted two years because of the length and harsh travel.On there way they met an Indian named Sacajawea she helped take Lewis and Clark to their destination.Sacajawea was part of the Mandan tribe with her husband a fur trapper.There expedition became very famous and now I will tell you about it. Lewis and Clark's journey has to begin somewhere so let's start from the beginning.William Clark was born on August 1,1770,and Meriwether Lewis was born four years after on August 18,1774.On March 6,1801 exactly two days after Jefferson became president he asked Lewis to be his secretary aide.Two years later Lewis is asked to be a leader of an expedition not long after he rights to William Clark and asked him to come along and share command,Clark accepts.On there journey they will be going through Louisiana territory. …show more content…

Louis,Missouri with a group of people.They packed necessary resources like rifles,food,and clothing.They even brought glass bead necklaces to trade with the Indians around the area.They started traveling up the Missouri River in a large boat called a barge and two small boats called pirogues.In the winter they had to stay with a passive Indian tribe called the

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