Comparing The Expedition Of Lewis And Clark

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Two years after the Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark went on an legendary expedition. They came across animals that they have never seen before.They crossed huge rivers. They explored miles of land in the Western United States. They crossed 15 states, and started in Camp Wood near st. Lewis Missouri.
Meriwether Lewis Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18, 1774. In 1801 he was asked by President Thomas Jefferson to be his private secretary. Thomas Jefferson made him a deal by making him a commander of an expedition , which followed with the co-commander William Clark. When Lewis went on this trip he was asked by Jefferson to gather information on the new plants and animals that they discovered. He was also was responsible for keeping a detailed journal about the trip and samples of animals and plants. After the expedition Lewis was prevented from suicide twice .A couple days later he was found with gunshot wounds from head to chest.
William Clark William Clark was born on August 1, 1770 in Caroline …show more content…

Lewis ,Clark and 32 other men and a slave named York went on this journey.There was one woman named Sacagawea who also joined them on this trip. Lewis and Clark investigated a huge plot of land. It covered from the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains east , and traveled from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. They explored from the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. They also came across many rivers including the Columbia River, the Missouri River, and the Mississippi River. Thomas Jefferson asked for $2,500 from the congress, but the number got higher to around $50,000. Lewis and Clark went through harsh weather,dangerous waters, and endured hunger during this expedition. They were on a hunt for a all-water route across North America. They also ate a lot. The Lewis and Clark article states “ Each man ate 9 pounds of meat each day when it was

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