What Is Meriwether Lewis Death

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The Death of Meriwether Lewis
Meriwether Lewis was an American soldier and explorer. Lewis was Thomas Jefferson’s private secretary, he was then given an offer to lead an expedition with William Clark in the west part of Mississippi. Jefferson bought a piece of land from France which was called the Louisiana Purchase. The land was later handed off to Lewis as he became governor of the land, which caused him to develop enemies. The reason for Meriwether Lewis traveling to Washington was for a settlement about money. Meriwether Lewis was murdered by conspiracy because the pistol that was used was hard to use and control, you needed all of your power to be able to shoot it. There was also 3 different testimonies given from the same person that were all different which questions everything and there is physical evidence that shows where he was shot and how he couldn’t have done it to himself. …show more content…

He found that one of the shots was to the back of the head which took off part of his skull, and exposed his brain. The second shot was to the stomach and it destroyed the vital organs, both bullets do not have exit wounds. The Medical Examiner himself stated that it is unlikely that the victim could have taken both shots and suicide is also unlikely. The Medical Examiner stated that the manner of death was a homicide and the cause of death was blood loss from the organs. The pistol that was used was very heavy and hard to use, so the possibility of Lewis being able to shoot himself is extremely low. One pistol shot could take out a horse, so 2 shots would definitely kill Lewis and right

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