How Did Meriwether Lewis Commit Suicide

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Death of Meriwether Lewis Meriwether Lewis was born in Monticello, Virginia. He was famous for being the first presidential aids, also Lewis is known for being “handpicked” by Thomas Jefferson to go on the Lewis and Clark trail effectively and safely doubling the size of the United States. When he came back from his expedition Jefferson gave him the title of Governor of Louisiana. When Lewis died he was on his way to D.C with multiple personal journals about his journey. At that time Lewis was flat out broke having no money after coming out of his expedition. In this situation he thought it was best for him to go to D.C and meet with Jefferson and sell his journals. If Meriwether Lewis was on his way to riches why would he commit suicide? My claim supported by physical evidence from videos and a map of his death place prove that it was a murder by conspiracy. …show more content…

In this video it states that Lewis was carrying secret and important information in said journals during his journey to Washington D.C. During this time he was still the governor and with his position he unintentionally took it away from General James Wilkinson; who was removed from governor of Louisiana by President Thomas Jefferson. Lewis had made himself a rival by just being himself. Because of his relationship with the president, his partnership with Clark, and his role in the exploration of Louisiana; he was known as a hero. But back to Wilkinson, who appointed Lewis’ military escort (James Neely) to protect Lewis. Meaning that Lewis’s rival ordered someone to protect him, the person that made him lose his job. That alone is potentially enough for someone to want to want to kill

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