William Clark In American History

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William Clark was a very important person in American history. He was an explorer in the late 1700s, and early 1800s. He explored past the Mississippi, and everything he explored had just been bought, in the Louisiana purchase. This was a huge deal as nobody had explored past the Mississippi, so they had no idea what was there. That meant that they would have to map out the geography, since there were no maps of where they were. Also, they would have to report things like how fertile the soil was, or if it was barren, if Native Americans were friendly, if there were dangerous animals, or ones that are unknown, recording things about their destination was a massive part of the exploration. The Journey of Discovery consisted of Meriwether Lewis, …show more content…

Also, William was born in Caroline County, Virginia, and when he grew up he fought like his brother. Moreover, William Clark was a creative person, he was never formally schooled, nevertheless he was successful. Since he was formally schooled, he did more creative/adventurous things, For instance, he joined the army, and went on an exploration. These things show that he is adventurous, if he wasn’t adventurous he never would have gone on the expedition, so it is important that he had that trait. He was also respectful because even though Lewis was very different from him, they never argued. William Clark was a captain of the Clarksville Indiana Militia, the Clarksville Indiana militia dealt with Native American tribes. The main accomplishment of his lifetime was joining the Corps of Discovery, as well as being a co-captain on it. Later he was governor of Missouri. Clark admired and respected Meriwether Lewis, Lewis was very different from him; Lewis had been formally schooled, and was not as talented of a woodsman as Clark. Three major events that happened during Clarks lifetime were, The Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812, and the Journey of …show more content…

There were many challenges when exploring, one of them was the weather. If it was too hot, you could acquire a stroke, or you could run out of water and dehydrate; If it was too cold you could acquire frostbite. There were wild animals like bears, wolves, and snakes, there were also geographic obstacles like mountains and rivers, there were natural disasters as well. William Clark affected at least 80,000,000 people, I know this because the west coast is populated by 47,800,000 people, and the Journey of Discovery covered the middle of the country as well, all of those people wouldn’t have been able to move out there, if the Lewis and Clark expedition hadn’t explored that area and made maps. Without William Clark, America would be much less populated. All of the people that moved out west wouldn’t have so there would be less room, consequently, less people would come here. A famous quote from William Clark is, “ Give me better wood, and I will make you a better cabinet.” this quote means that a person can only do so much. Like if you have to paint a skyscraper with only one bucket of paint, or you had to design a rocket ship out of strands of confetti. You can only do so much with what you have, and what you have limits

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