Who Is William Wright Go To Prison

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William Wright, born Oct 8, 1860, death in the missouri penitentiary by gas chamber on Sep 8, 1938 6:25 a.m. He died at the age of 32. He landed himself in the Missouri State Penitentiary by Killing Dr. J.T. McCampbell and a negro druggist in a robbery on March 15th, 1933 in Kansas City, Missouri. William, a negro, has been convicted of murder two times, in the first degree, for shooting and killing Dr. J.T. McCampbell, a negro druggist in Kansas City.The State's testimony from eyewitnesses was that late in the afternoon of March 15, 1933, William wright entered the drug store of McCampbell and with a revolver committed a holdup. McCampbell procured a revolver and in an exchange of shots between the two the McCampbell was killed by William. …show more content…

William’s counsel dictated the following admission into the record: "In order to save time, William will admit that he was in the drug store and admits the actions claimed of by the State with reference to the purported holdup. However, he does not admit that he killed the deceased. To save time, we will admit he was there."William testified that a boy named Bobby, whose full name he did not know, and another boy with whom he was unacquainted, told him McCampbell, the deceased, had lost so much money in holdups that he had taken out insurance on his money and had arranged with a third party to stage a fake holdup and regain his money. They mentioned that a large sum would be divided between them if they carried a robbery through and assured him there would be no shooting. William undertook the job with the result aforesaid. He said McCampbell began shooting first and prevented him from leaving the store, and that he then fired two or three shots but not in the direction of McCampbell. William was not injured in the encounter.

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