Meriwether Lewis Analysis

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Ambrose tells an in depth story of Meriwether Lewis’ journey from childhood to becoming Thomas Jefferson’s choice as leader of the expedition to the Pacific. Meriwether Lewis was Virginia born, “ a time of independence and where the West provided exploration and East provided education and knowledge.” Lewis grew up in a family of explorers and land owners which made them particularly rich. His father died from pneumonia when he was 5 years old and his mother remarried Captain John Marks. Lewis always had a very close relationship with his mother. Whenever he was traveling throughout the new America, he would always take time to write letters to her, especially when he knew he wouldn’t be able to send more letters for a while. He always …show more content…

For the next year he spent time doing research on all the things that would be involved in the expedition. During this time, he decided how many men he would need, how big of a boat and with what design, what medicines, and also what instruments and books were necessary. Lewis did not just decide what to bring, but he took this time to learn many of the skills that he would need to use over the course of the journey. After a year, he had learned about botany, medicine, mathematics and fossils, as well as how to use all the scientific instruments that would be taken. Lewis was extremely meticulous in preparing for his more than two year voyage and this is partly why Jefferson chose him. Jefferson gave Lewis permission to find a co-captain for the journey. Lewis chose William Clark for this position. While in the military, Lewis met Clark, the captain of the Chosen Rifle Company, where they became friends and admirers of each other. Lewis chose Clark even though they had only known each other for six months. Lewis felt Clark could be helpful in places where he wasn’t the strongest. “In general in areas where Lewis was shaky, Clark was strong, and vice

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