Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark

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In this essay I will be discussing about the Exploration of Lewis and Clark.William Clark and Meriwether Lewis made discoveries of new species of new plants and animals,their expedition began on August 31,1803,Clark had 5 older brothers and 3 older sisters,Lewis was named governor for his expedition,and they both found ways to travel in the Pacific ocean.This essay will also give a lot of detail on the Expedition of Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark traveled by boat,foot,and on horses.They also worked for Thomas Jefferson on the Louisiana Purchase.They discovered that the area of the Louisiana Purchase was 828,800 sq .mi.,the Louisiana Purchase contained trees and grass,and they suggested corn and wheat farming,automobile manufacture,and country music recording.They overall …show more content…

Lewis and Clarks legacy began oddly 30 years and 30 days after they were born.In 1803 they both applied to work for Thomas Jefferson on the Louisiana Purchase.Later,they got the job.On August 31,1803 Lewis and Clark began their 3 year journey to document and map the entire Louisiana Purchase. On August 11,1806 Lewis and Clark spotted a half-blind man and thought he was an elk so,they shot him in the leg.Their journey went from 1803-1806 to the Pacific and back.Overall Lewis and Clark were very successful men. Clark was born in Ladysmith,Virginia on August 1,1770.He died on September 1,1838.William Clark came home to 5 older brothers and 3 older sisters.He moved to Kentucky when he was a teenager.His brother was George Rogers Clark.He went to the military and later moved to the regular army.Clark met Lewis in the army.Overall Clark had a very successful family.He was very successful too. Lewis was born on August 18,1774 in Ivy,Virginia.He died on October 11,1809 in Nashville.In 1806 he was shot in the leg.He lived in Washington.He met Clark in the Army.The expedition was 8,000 mi.He

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